Monday, October 17, 2011

Kids These Days

The Occupy movement continues to grow...globally!   Here in Sacramento, Cesar Chavez Park remains the center of Occupy activity, with protesters saying they will stay at the park indefinitely.

Occupy Sacramento (10/17/11) by CKM Student Izzy Gardon

A perspective I really like on the Occupy Movement is one written by Armando Llorens, also known as Big Tent Democrat, a prominent litigation attorney and blogger, who writes at Talk Left.   Big Tent Dem had been pretty ambivalent about Occupy, that is until his 17-year-old daughter became an supporter.  His interview with her is included here.

This is a thoughtful young woman as the snippet below reveals.  Her observations in many ways reflect those of many of my students.   Please read this.   And whatever you think of Occupy at this point in time, be sure that the kids these days are pretty darn impressive.  Have faith.  
Q: What do you think the goals of Occupy Are?
A: To help wake America up to the fact that the country can't go on focused on the needs of the few over the needs of the many.
Q: What do you think of politics after experiencing the Occupy movement?
A: It's clear that politics is failing and will continue to fail unless significant change occurs. Because money seems to be the prime determinant of political results, then of course politics will serve the people with the money. We need to change that and I think that's one of the big things the Occupy movement is getting out there.

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