Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri

The New Yorker's cover for the week we return to school,  Eric Drooker's "Ferguson, Missouri."

 “An artist friend of mine was killed by a cop in lower Manhattan, back in 1991. He happened to be black, and the police officer was never indicted.” Drooker continues, “As a resident of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, I witnessed the blurring distinctions between the police and military during the Tompkins Square riots of the eighties. I’ll never forget the day the N.Y.P.D. showed up in a military tank to evict nonviolent squatter friends from buildings on Avenue B and Thirteenth Street, where I grew up.."
More on Drooker's cover art here.

Ferguson will indeed inform much of what we study throughout the year.  I will be posting links to a variety of articles and commentaries.  This blog will be one platform we use to think, share, challenge, learn...and...well, who knows what else?

See you in one week.

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