Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stop and Seize: How Aggressive Policing is Taking the Property of Those Never Charged with Crimes

Many of you in periods 5 and 6 read The New Jim Crow this summer.  Here are two must-read and watch pieces that underscore and illustrate even more acutely the use and impact of asset seizure and forfeiture as explained by author Michelle Alexander in Chapter 2, "The Lockdown." 

The Washington Post, with a blockbuster multi-part investigation into police asset forfeiture practices:
Stop and Seize

CNN on police and prosecutors taking family homes:
Parents' House Seized After Son's Drug Bust

I want all of you to check these out because we will use in class in conjunction with our study the Bill of Rights and Civil Liberties.   You may start leaving comments here, if you wish.  

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