Friday, September 13, 2013

Assad's Interview

This is the link to the Charlie Rose Interview with Assad, the president of Syria, that happened last week. I find it interesting the way Assad responds to Charlie Rose's questions but also how fast this situation in Syria moves rapidly with what is happening, especially from this interview to Obama's speech that took place on Tuesday.


  1. Assad explained how there is a Youtube video of the terrorists killing rabbits and how the terrorists said "This is how we're going to kill the Syrian people.". I believe a Youtube video isn't reliable. People stage videos all the time on the internet. Also When Rose brought up Chemical weapons Assad couldn't really answer the questions with a straight answer.

  2. I agree that a Youtube video isn't reliable. I also agree that Assad didn't answer the questions with a straight answer. He had to be asked four times whether or not he approved of chemical warfare. He is struggling to defend their actions. He also loops around questions and does not answer them until asked for a second or third time. Assad also denies some of the things that the U.S has evidence of.