Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Did the American People Silence the War Drums?

President Obama spoke on Syria tonight.   If you didn't catch it or want to read the transcript, please go here.

I've also include this opinion piece by writer David Sirota on the push for military action by high level government officials and political analysts.   Its title, "Take that, D.C. Gasbags!  How Angry Americans May Stop a  Disaster," should give you a sense of the blistering message. Read it and comment.  (And to my 5th period students, pay particular attention to the Orwell reference, which is especially noteworthy considering we just finished reading his Politics and the English Language.)  I'm very interested in your thoughts.


  1. I am on the fence about this subject, I understand the reasons of President Obama choosing not to pursue a strike to Syria for the consequences after would, more than likely, be harmful to our own nation. Especially after being in Afghanistan for so long, I agree with President Obamas statement, "America is not the worlds policeman." however, I also found moral significance in his statement saying,"What kind of world will we live in if the United States of America sees a dictator brazenly violate international law with poison gas, and we choose to look the other way?"
    These two statements continue to change my mind about my feelings on this subject. Yes, America isn't the worlds policeman and we'd also have to think about our own nations security, but as a leading country what type of example would we be setting to humanity about us "looking the other way."

  2. I find it interesting that within a week numerous details change within the Syria debate. Last week there was an interview with Charlie Rose and Assad, and Assad in his interview never elaborated that Syria has a hold of these chemical weapons but within this week Syria's foreign minister came out saying that they do have a hold of these chemical weapons. But two things that caught my attention in this interview with Assad was one,that when Assad was asked if there will be attacks on American bases in the Middle East Assad had responded, "Expect everything"; but also another thing was that Assad kept on saying that there was no evidence even though there are images and videos all around. But now a couple day later, Russia comes out telling Syria to hand over their weapons and that Obama will avert air striking Syria. And now Obama has put an avert on air striking for the meantime. So within a week numerous things change about this debate and its interesting. When it comes to talking about Syria I find that its a controversial subject especially when its about the United States stepping in. For one Americans don't want to do anything with Syria since we've been in the Middle East for ten years but you cant just let Syria go by with their brutal use of chemical weapons.
    Heres the link to Charlie Rose and Assads interview: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505263_162-57602177/exclusive-charlie-rose-interviews-syrias-president-bashar-assad-transcript/

  3. By saying this I am not advocating opening fire in Syria but I've been thinking that less than a hundred years ago another country was gassing their own people and America didn't interfere and millions innocents died. Obama referencing this event in his speech just validates my point. I agree that we shouldn't start another war, we're trying to get out of Afghanistan first, but I think this is a good compromise for now. Though, when I think of all the deals/threats being made between us, Russia, Syria, etc. and how in some cases self-interest seems to be a higher priority than helping those in Syria, I can't help but think of Machiavelli and how he warns that man generally has their self-interest in thought and therefore can't be trusted.

  4. It is negligent of Obama to wish for war in Syria. As the president of the United States his first duty is to ensure the natural rights of the people. Our country seems to have an exponentially growing amount of issues and engaging Syria in war wouldn't the wisest of choices. Our nation was birthed from war, and the people have endured war for countless years. It's time for America to focus our resources and funding on something other than war. Our economy is failing and not many things are being manufactured in America in modern times. As we are now ending a war we shouldn't be so hasty to jump head over heels into another. America and our government should seize the opportunity and take advantage of the global issues affecting numerous countries to help strengthen our economy.

    It's the responsibility of the UN to deal with the chemical weapons in Syria. The UN was created for this very reason.

    (According to Hobbes maybe we have the tendency to remain in war because of our nature)