Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kyle Rowland!

Kyle Rowland, proud member of the C.K. McClatchy High School class of 2011 (and the Room 8 Second Period Crew), nearly blew the roof of the legendary Sacramento Memorial Auditorium with his half-improvised Blues harmonica/slide guitar performance in memory of his late mother at June's graduation ceremony.   Kyle's been playing the Blues harmonica since his days in diapers--his father put a harmonica in his crib when he was just a tiny baby.  Kyle used it for pacifier and teething ring before he learned to make music with it, just like his dad. 

Kyle first appeared on stage with Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee when he was just ten years old.   Lessons with Mick followed and in the years since, Kyle has played with Blues greats at music festivals and in clubs throughout Northern California.  Kyle was named "Blues Harmonica Player of the Year" at the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame Award Show in 2009.   He also fronts his own band, the Kyle Rowland Band.

In June, Kyle played the famous three-day Monterey Blues Festival and as this incredible review in Guitar International notes he proved the highlight of Saturday's line-up: 
Kyle commands the stage like an experienced bandleader. He cues the band, perfectly, banters with the audience, makes sure a well-played solo gets acknowledged, and tells historical stories about the band members (all of whom are at least three times his age!) All this between playing the hell out of his harp. As bass player Henry Oden told the crowd, “This is the future of the blues, y’all – give it up!”

Here he is in Monterey (Kyle shows up at about 4:45 into the video).   Enjoy.  We love ya, Kyle!


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  1. Awesome. Love the press you are getting Kyle. Keep it going. We hope to be at the fair Friday not sure if you are there and playing or not. See ya soon.