Sunday, July 17, 2011

Listen to Ms. Wong!

Ellen Wong, C.K. McClatchy teacher extraordinaire and HISP program coordinator (and my teaching partner!),  in a letter to the Sac Bee admonishes our state leaders for abandoning higher education.  Here's the text of her letter (with links supplied by the Bee):

Higher Ed Legacy Abandoned

Re "Cuts to higher education pose a threat to the state's future" (Viewpoints, July 10): Pat Brown must be turning over in his grave. His master plan for higher education, his legacy designed to make college accessible to every young person who had achieved admission, has been abandoned by his son and the Legislature. How shortsighted our elected officials have become. It's an embarrassment.
And those legislators who refused to allow California voters to decide for themselves if they want to invest in the future of this state by extending taxes have no right to look in the rearview mirror and ask what happened to California. Connie Conway, who never earned a college degree, apparently doesn't care if others earn them either. Ted Gaines, who went to a private university out of state, also fails to understand the value of a premier public university system.
– Ellen Wong, Sacramento


  1. I always listen to Mrs. Wong. She is a lot taller than me. Signed, Mr. Wong.

  2. Go girl! I should get back to work so I can pay off these student loans...

    -Danielle Brill-Lehn

  3. My tuition next year will be 56% more than what it was when I started back in the fall of 2008. California definitely doesn't have its priorities in the right order; our reign as kings of public higher education won't last for much longer...

    S. Schaevitz, '08