Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Once Again...

...trying to make this class blogging thing work.   My goal: a one-stop place for class assignments, agendas, readings, comments, discussion and whatever else catches the fancy of my students, their parents and me.   I've tried different web/blog hosting services over the past couple of years and have returned to blogger for the simple reason that I am most comfortable with it and because of that am more likely to keep up with this endeavor as the school year heats up. 

My teaching schedule for the 2011-2012 school year includes 2 AP US Government classes ; 2 HISP AP US Government classes and 1 Geography class.  I've taught seniors only for the past few years, so adding a class of freshmen Geography students (at the end of the day no less) will!  (Thank you, Mr. Guevara!)

Any in-coming students stumbling onto this site before school begins, you might want to check back periodically for postings related to our classes and information regarding the new school year.

As for now, enjoy your summer and much Aloha.  Ms J

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