Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fun with North Korea: "Mind Your Own Busniness"

(This post will be written in the style of Dick and Jane books to reflect the mental age of Kim Jung Un) 

See Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. See Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un. Un sends So Se Pyong to U.N. Human Rights Council. Un questions So about human rights.
"What are human rights?" says Un.
"Some Pleb problem." says So.
See So at U.N. Human Rights Council. Other countries mean to So. Other countries jealous. Un is the best leader ever. Long live Un.
"Mind your own business." says So. "You are not perfect either."
U.N. claims torture in North Korea. Other countries make up stories because they are jealous. Everyone jealous of Un. Long live Un.
U.N. wants to try Un for torture. Un denies claim. Un angry. Un fires missiles at ocean. Ocean sees Un's true power. Long live Un.
Un happy that ocean respects him. Un makes everyone get his haircut. Whole country looks like Un. People names DPRNK sexiest country in world. Un happy. Long live Un.

Enough of that. Un is a 31 year old baby. He and group of lackeys are some of the most disgusting people in the world. It's no secret about the atrocities committed by them, including torture, public murders, and concentration camps. The world needs to intervene and finally put an end to this WWII-style nonsense. We can no longer appease Un. (Not that he really is a threat) Un needs to be taught a lesson that you can't treat people like dirt. No person deserves to be tortured and treated the way that Un treats his people.  If the country weren't so highly undernourished and overwatched by Big Brother Un, the people could be able rise up against him. Unfortunately, his people are week. They don't have the inspiration that other countries had to rise up against their corrupt leaders. Hopefully, the U.N. does not hold back against Un by giving him a mere slap on the wrist. He needs to be personally punished and his regime needs to end immediately.  

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