Sunday, March 30, 2014

Peace talks going on in Syria, still very boring

Peace talks are going on in Geneva mediated by a UN mediator named Lakhdar Brahimi who is reported as doing an excellent job of mediating.  Good on you Mr. Brahimi.  Rebel groups and the government keep arguing about who gets what land and which rights go to which people.  In return, the government has said that women and children will be allowed to evacuate the troubled city of Homs, as well as other refugees as long as the opposition marks down who it would be.  Someone then pointed out that having a list of the rebels in a conflict city would almost surely end up with a kill list and the world would be facing a situation like what happened in Bosnia where a whole bunch of people got massacred.  
Syria's government and rebel groups are acting predictably in that they cannot come up with a compromise quite yet, but with the guidance and careful deliberation of Brahimi, the negotiations are at least civil and quiet.  

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