Friday, March 28, 2014

Taliban Attacks

Today, Friday the 28th, The Taliban attacked a guesthouse in Afghanistan’s used by foreigners; people working for the Roots of Peace, a U.S. aid organization whose offices are in the building.
            The attack took place as a suicide explosion taking place inside a car, then three others then stormed the building and held inside the five people -- three Americans, a Malaysian and a person from an unspecified African country -- as a standoff with police unfolded. A security guard was wounded in a suicide blast at the beginning of the attack, said Deputy Interior Minister Ayoub Salangi. But everyone who had been held inside the building escaped unharmed.

            The Taliban, who also claimed responsibility for Tuesday's attack, have vowed to use force to disrupt the planned April 5 presidential election. And have been responsible for many other attacks, some of which have been successful.
     I think these attacks are very futile but dangerous because the Taliban wants some way of striking back and showing their opinion of something but they are not very powerful when compared to nations as a whole.

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