Sunday, March 30, 2014

Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan declares victory after local elections

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Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey confidently claims the victory of his Justice and Development party even before the results of the election came in. Despite all of the corruption surrounding him and his infamy in the country for the past few years since 2003 when he came into office, he still appears to be certain of his party's victory. He said that he respects people's decisions for this election, yet also threatens to pursue the supporters of the opposing party. For the past year, demonstrations have been taking place in the streets against the Turkish government. When people began to post the truth of what was taking place in the corrupted government on social media websites like Twitter, Erdogan said the information was false and blocked Twitter completely from the Turkish people. When police came to press charges against the Prime Minister, Erdogan fired dozens of police, further leading to infuriated citizens. This fascist-like rule must come to an end before another North Korea emerges in Turkey.

Kilicdaroglu, on the other hand, the leader of the opposing Republican People's Party, sees a bright future for his own party as well. He hopes to restore the democracy in Turkey and is not giving up hope. Let's hope Kilicdaroglu is right for the prosperity of Turkey.

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