Sunday, March 30, 2014

What's the point?

        Being part of the Chinese government must be so embarrassing... Always attacking their own citizens, always sticking their noses where they don't belong, always claiming what's not theirs like school children fighting over crayons.
 And now, chasing around a Philippine transport vessel like a dog after a mailman. Don't get me wrong, I think dogs understand the world better than any leftist militant moron, but China is just silly. They take all the things that are wrong with the idea of government--the attempt to establish order in a world of animals, its creepy colonoscopy-esque curiousness, the fact that it exists, ect.--and somehow think that mega-mushrooming these aspects will turn out better results. 
        The Chinese government certainly loves to mega-mushroom their pursuit for control, as exemplified by its claim to 90% of the "South China Sea". China has been using its newfound military might to blockade many sea routes within the disputed sea, most recently blocking the Philippine government from sending ship through waters disputed by the two nations. But, humorously enough, despite all the efforts of the great People's Republic of China, the Philippine vessel was able to pink-panther its way around Inspector Clouseau and safely deliver its cargo of food and water.
        So, I ask you, chairmen and secretaries and dragonheads of the Chinese government: what's the point? If, in a few days or weeks or years, you will be dead and I will be dead, and the government of the Philippines will crumble and fall to some hooded militant loser, and your nation will be drowning in soot and public unrest, and all that is left of us will be washed away to sea, what's the point of trying and failing to blockade some damn idiot maneuvering his ship through the uncontrollable ocean?

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