Sunday, March 30, 2014

Some Who Fled Cuba Are Returning to Help

Recently, exiles of Cuba who fled after Fidel Castro took over are returning to their native homeland. Their previous bitterness and anger has diminished and been replaced by an empathetic need to help usher in a new era for Cuba. These Cuban-Americans previously lost their entrepreneurship ventures to the communist government, which made their businesses illegal. Previously, this group has supported the American embargo against Cuba, but has recently been helping their homeland through legal activity with the use of humanitarian and other licensed exceptions to the sanctions.

The Cuban-Americans have been able to help their country in part due to a change in American and Cuban policy. President Raul Castro opened the economy a tiny bit, which has allowed for engagement mainly through churches as a tool for Cubans to gain skills and independence. The exiles feel a sense of responsibility no longer to fight for the property they lost to the Castros, but instead to help the Cubans still living on the island. Changes in policy in Washington and Havanna has opened travel between Cubans and Cuban-Americans and allowed for the expanding exchange of people, ideas, and money. Cubans are eager to improve their weak economy, but the officials are still distrustful of Cuban-Americans as some suggest their help is part of a covert Washington plot.

After generations of hatred between the two countries, it is time for a new era of change. This requires help on both sides, including the American and Cuban officials. The Cuban's have a right to be worried about American plots against their country, due to our past of unwanted involvement in foreign affairs (including the disgraceful Bay of Pigs invasion.) Hopefully, the change in Cuban-American mind set will settle the fears of both parties and bring in a new generation of openness, which has been many years in the making.

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