Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Russia Seizes Crimean Base in Ukraine

Over the weekend, Russia seized the last Ukrainian base of Crimea. Russian soldiers made their way into the base and commanded the annexation of the region. While standing outside of the Crimean gates, Russian military men began exchanging threats with the Crimean soldiers saying that if they do not relinquish control. Shortly after, the soldiers outside the base drove through the base on armed vehicles, began shooting their weapons into the air and fired smoke grenades onto the grounds. The Russian soldiers even began beating a man. By the end of the day, Russia succeeded in its demanded control over the base.
The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe had planned to send members to Ukraine to monitor the country. However, Russia established that the Crimean base did not qualify to monitored because it has technically "become a part of Russia." The Kremlin offered to give military jobs to the existing officers of the recently conquered, Crimean base, with a pay raise and without a change in rank. By no surprise, most of the them have refused the offer. These soldiers have also expressed deep dissatisfaction with the lack of support provided by their government, saying that they were defending their base as a matter of honor to their country. Many soldiers have been forced or decided to pack up their things and depart from the base with their families.
The authors of this article, Noah Sneider, David Hersenzhorn, and Patrick Reevell, clearly show sympathy to Ukraine, showing some bias toward the situation. They use minor details in the article that contribute to this fact. The most significant example is at the very end of the passage when they discuss an incident at a school. At the Nakhimov Naval Academy in Sevastopol, students were informed that they now attend a Russian academy. During the academy's transfer ceremony, some students began singing the Ukrainian national anthem. The band was then commanded to play the Russian anthem to drown out the sound of the students voices. This situation lends much sympathy to the people of the Crimean base. They inserted this part in the passage to get the, already cover, point across that Russian rule has destroyed the Ukraine way of life. While this incident at the academy does show what the Russians have done, from a journalistic standpoint, the article could've been completed without that detail.

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