Monday, December 9, 2013

Alabama death penalty cases in politics

The issue of capital punishment has been gaining ground in American politics. It has gone so far to the point where it begins to ruin our court systems along with our economy. Alabama is one of the three states that allows for judges to override the jury's sentence to life in prison without parole and heighten it to the death penalty, and it is the only state to use it regularly. This is causing judges to abuse this power to make them a strong contender for reelection. Since capital punishment is favored in Alabama judges who use this override power are seen as strong. This issue raises the question of how far will the death penalty go to influence politics. With all moral beliefs aside, the death penalty is economically unfavorable, and it is beginning to be abused in politics to gain voter support. A new way of dealing with criminals that commit heinous must be found that serves the interests of the country as a whole. Click the link below to read more about death penalty cases in Alabama.

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