Friday, December 20, 2013

Hadley's "Killer Party"

Hadley’s “Killer Party”

 Tyler Hadley, name sound familiar? If not then you will not forget his name after reading about his sickening crime.

 Hadley grew up in the town of St. Lucie located in Florida. The teen had been going through depression and like any other teenager had his problems with his parents. Hadley was known to be the quiet kid in school so when he told his friends that he was throwing a party no one believed him. That was until Hadley posted on Facebook that the party was on, telling people his parents were out of town. As people arrived to the party little did they know what was hidden in the master bedroom. As the night progressed people showed up and did not stop to think what the dry brown stuff on the floor was. Hadley later that night shared with his long time friend Michael Mandell that he had killed his parents. It was not until later that night Mandell called the Crimestoppers Hotline and told them everything. Since Hadley had committed the crime 6 months before his 18th birthday he was not tried as an adult therefore unable to be sentenced to death.

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