Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bullet revolution

     Nearly a decade ago, many people believed that led bullets were extremely harmful to the environment. Today, lead bullets are being heavily regulated and even banned. Experts state that in a few years, lead bullets will be replace with green, environmentally friendly bullets.
     Opposers of the idea argue that the changes will cost more and have little effect. However, switching from lead will profit the environment. Currently, ground water is being contaminated by the bullets and harming wildlife. Not only is it harming nature, it is harming humans.  Studies show that lead bullet users have high amounts of lead. Lead poison effects most parts of the body such as tissue and organs.
     Although many people disagree with this new method, i believe it is right. It might cost more, but the money spent is well worth it. We as humans are always evolving to find a better way to do things. I believe this is one thing we can fix to make our world better.


  1. Consumer's choice should ultimately win. If the buyers like environmentally friendly bullets then companies will expand upon them; however, if people choose the cheapest option then lead bully's will prevail.

  2. I hate to break it to you Kayla but perhaps the consumer's choice shouldn't win, and perhaps lead bullets should be made illegal, and perhaps it will keep people such as hunters a little safer from lead poisoning, and maybe perhaps it will help the environment and animals a little more than if we citizens get what we want all the time. So maybe we should consider what keeps people safe and helps them live a longer and better life.