Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Wealth Distribution In America

Came across and amazing and informative video while researching my senior project; this video did a very good job at making the wealth distributions of this country completely graphic and easy to understand. I was completely baffled at what this man had to say about the wealth inequalities in this country; however, his statistics are all completely sound. I highly recommend spending the 7 minutes it takes to watch this video. It is worth the time and it makes one think about what is necessarily fair. One can watch the video by clicking here.


  1. Cody this video literally hurt my heart.

    Wow, I'm just flabbergasted.

  2. Well I want to do something about this issue of the growing fiscal gap. Perhaps there should be some type of heavy tax on those who earn over 250% more than the middle class (I'm not a communist, but not all socialist ideals are bad), or a cap on how much money you can earn in America. And before everyone calls me a "Commie", I'm just saying who really needs billions or millions of dollars in profit to spend in their free time, while the government is the main financial source for most Americans.(I have very radical views on politics and some would say are irrational) Too bad the creator of this video didn't match any real numbers of income to the percent distribution, he only mentioned the total income nationally. I'm interested in how everyone else feels about this issue.

    1. Tanisha your view is valiant and well founded; however, it is those who make over 250% more than the middle class that run the world.If you need money to have a say then how can anyone from the 99% make a difference?

    2. I hope that this class is giving you some ideas about making a difference...I wouldn't be teaching if I really believed it was all so futile.