Monday, December 2, 2013

The New American Center

Very relevant to the class discussion today, this article, which can be accessed here, reveals that the constant idea of great division in this country apparent through the 80s to now of 40% on the left 40% on the right and 20% in the middle is fundamentally incorrect. The recent survey reveals 21% on the left 28% on the right and 51% in the middle which is now being referred to as the new american center. They poll as mostly libertarian at 54% for the main idea of that the government should not legislate how people behave in their personal lives also they are war-weary polling at 76% in agreement along the lines of the US should no longer be the world's policeman; an isolationist streak within America. Lastly 59% strongly support higher taxes on people that rake in more than one million dollars a year but are also anti-regulation, they don't want government getting in the way of oil drilling, and against affirmative action, showing a conservative streak also; they are simply a meritocracy.

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