Saturday, December 21, 2013

Woman Caught After 36 Years On The Run

Check this out you guys!

Kathlyn Huff, 58, of Farmington Hills, Michigan, was arrested Tuesday, in her driveway, at her home – forcing her to finally face charges from a 1976 incident when she tried to kill her common-law husband by shooting him in the head. US Marshals tracked her across the country until her arrest this week. The woman fled from Texas to Seattle to Michigan before finally being caught.

Can you imagine that? Hiding for 36 years? Or having a neighbor who’s a criminal? (scaryyyyy!!!)  Patricia Kaye even said, “It's a shocker because if it's been that long, if she's been around that long, I'm quite surprised. It's a very quiet neighborhood. We don't have any odd happenings that go on around here.” Be careful guys!

There are no plans to bring criminal charges against any of the woman’s family, she is currently sitting in Oakland County Jail awaiting extradition to Texas.

Funny though, she's still smiling on her picture:
Busted: Kathlyn Ruff was arrested after 36 years on the run

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