Friday, December 13, 2013

The Failed Sign Language Interpreter

During the speeches for Nelson Mandela 's funeral, there was a strange unknown man interpreting sign language to the deaf.  There was a huge controversy whether this person can actually do sign language or not.  Paul Breckell, chief executive of the U.K.-based charity Action on Hearing Loss, stated that this fraud isn't actually signing anything but just gibberish. Not only that, but also, it's been found that this  fake had only 1 year of sign language experience. The fraud, 

Thamsanqa Jantjie,  to his defense, stated that he was distracted because he saw angels coming from heaven.

I really don't know what this nutjob is doing during at the speech. What the heck? You can read more Here


  1. So many seem to be blaming Mr. Jantje; however, in my own opinion it is an outrage that security and coordinators of Mandela's memorial allowed a mentally ill man to be so close to the world's leaders. Not to mention if he only had a year of experience, who hired him? I only hope this outrage didn't distract anyone from honoring the hero, Mandela.

  2. No joke, when I saw the video of this, the guy's face gestures were so funny. Yet it does seem disrespectful, in my opinion, to hire a person who only has one year of sign language experience and who has no clue about what he's doing.

  3. I actually thought the sign language guy's speech was better than Obama's.