Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Immigrants Have to Say

The Pew Research Center has conducted two new surveys questioning Hispanics and Asian-Americans about their views on immigration. According to their responses, Hispanics and Asian-Americans are more concerned about immigrants' protection from deportation rather than their access to citizenship, but a large majority still support a pathway to gaining citizenship. Although Democratic and Republican parties have gained support from Hispanics and Asian-Americans because of their "support" for a pathway to citizenship, the number of deportations has significantly increased in the past five years. Democrats have pushed Republicans to quickly vote on a bill on immigration, but Republicans have not sided with any bills because they wish to legislate reform "in increments". Because of the Republicans' lack of initial response to immigration reform, many Hispanics and Asian-Americans blame the Republicans for the gradual decrease in interest for the topic of immigration reform. 
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  1. Lorenzo, I really like this post because it focuses on some of what we touched on in class about the political attitudes and behaviors of various groups. Nice catch!