Monday, October 14, 2013

A Scheme To Reduce Crimes

 A “scheme” was put into place in Manchester, England in which ex-offenders would be employed to clean up areas called ‘grot spots’. This outcome of this scheme was beneficial to say the least.  It resulted in a huge reduction of re-offending rates.  Ex-convicts were employed full-time under the Your Environmental Team (YET) which so far has hired 30 prisoners on 6 month contracts.

 The project was launched four years ago and only 19 per cent of former prisoners who take part in the program went on to commit further crimes, compared to the national average of almost 50 per cent. Tony Lloyd the commissioner of the Greater Manchester Police and Crime syndicate said that “What this project does is help people get normality in their lives – developing the good habits of getting up for a job and showing that they can do it. It helps put a stop to the revolving door of going in and out of prison, helps people better themselves, and that should be applauded."

Gary Conway, a prisoner in this program said “Getting this job has changed my prospects entirely. It’s given me confidence, it’s helped me get a CV together and I’ve been able to demonstrate teamwork. I’m up at 6am every morning, there’s a reason to get up, to go to work. To start a new life for yourself. I don’t know where I would be without the project.” To read more about this article Click Here. 

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