Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Louisiana's Shopping Chaos in Walmart

After finding out that their EBT cards failed to display credit limits, people went nuts at several Walmart stores in Louisiana, grabbing and tossing whatever they could find to eat and feast in their carts. This was a temporary delay due to a glitch in the computer system. The stores were filled and lined up throughout the entire buildings with people who pushed around tanked carts with foods and snacks. Once the issue was resolved, customers fled and left their brimful carts in order to avoid being caught "stealing." Many people recorded the long lines that filled the stores while others asked different people about their opinions on how these crazy customers acted.

One customer said that the chaos was a normal reaction to the prospect of free food, while another had responded that it was just plain theft. Read the article here .

What do you think about the behavior that the erratic customers brought into these Walmart stores?

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