Monday, October 14, 2013

Governments Going Guerilla On Peaceful Protests?

Many governments around the world have been using excessive force or unnecessary action when confronted by peaceful protests. Exercising the right to organize and protest peacefully has been infringed upon in the United States, Israel, Canada, Argentina, Egypt, Hungary, Kenya, South Africa and Britain. The report, "Take Back the Streets: Repression and Criminalization Around the World," warns of the increasing infringement on the right to protest, a fundamental democratic right, by the previously listed countries. An example can be seen in a peaceful protest in Canada which was, in a span of 36 hours, broken up with about 1000 people arrested. I find it ridiculous that people can assemble and spew out intolerance towards other races, such as when the KKK gather, but if the issue can actually get the people thinking, the government shuts it down as soon as possible, typically with force. 

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