Sunday, October 13, 2013

Terror at Navy Yard

Aaron Alexis, “a former Navy reservist and a current military contractor,” at 8:20 this morning (this post was originally written in Sept) into Washington’s Navy Yard with a semi automatic. Thankfully, our military is treating them in their hospitals “as if they were soldiers wounded in war.” In the end, the suspect had been stopped and died after officials arrived, but it has been confirmed that there were 12, not  ten, people who were killed which included civilians many of which are still being accounted for.
At this point, the reoccurrence of massacres like this happening in America is so often that it’s becoming less uncommon. We hear about it so often: people becoming serial killers for an adrenaline rush, kids killing other kids in their own school, or bothers who came to this country on political asylum who had lived as Americans even receiving a college education at one of the finest institutes-bombing the Boston marathon.
The idea that people who call themselves Americans attack their own country makes me sick and want to cry. Maybe patriotism is slowly dying more and more each day; either way, there’s no way we could justify slaughter.

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