Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Feds in New Jersey Claim Rabbis Kidnapped and Tortured Husbands

Rabbis’ Are Bad Guys? Are you a Jewish woman looking for a divorce and would like the pleasure of having your husband get tortured? Well then, just have your Rabbi take care of it for you! According to CNN a group of Rabbi Leaders are being accused for kidnapping, torturing and hiring “tough guys” to force husbands to get a divorce. Although most marriages are arranged it’s easy to understand that some women would want a divorce. Especially if the love sparks are nowhere to be found! The fact that the Rabbis have picked up the ways of the mafia is rather freighting. Rabbis are well respected but their actions are a crime even if it’s for the greater good of an un-cherished marriage. These women are miserabe enough to pay a high amount of money to have their husbands beaten and their Rabbais are helping them to accomplish this. Full story here.

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