Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Middle schoolers arrested in cyber bullying suicide of classmate


Basically what happened was two girls from Florida age 12 and 14 were arrested on felony charged for allegedly harassing 12 year old Rebecca Sedwick at school and then following her online. Sedwick jumped to her death at a cement plant a month ago after being tormented for over a year. The arrests were made after the 14 year old suspect boasted on the internet about the bullying.

We all need to start changing the way we treat each other. I think it starts with family. If you do not have love in your heart, you are unable to mirror it onto another. I agree we live in a structured society that feels bullying is an aggressive way to be the stronger person. Healing needs to take place in a major way across the world if we want to evolve as humans. No more pointing fingers. We need to grow up and start a new otherwise this cycle will continue.


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