Monday, October 14, 2013

Immigration Court and Government Shutdown

          Days after the federal government shut down, effects are felt across many agencies. Immigration courts proceedings are largely shut down, too. A lot of immigration has been waiting for years to make their case for a green card. A lot of high hopes are starting to fall apart due to the government shutdown. Even high school seniors, withouth a green card, wonders how they will be able to go to college when they're not even qualified for financial aid. As the shutdown continues, thousands of detained asylum, green card seekers and immigrants are left without these lifelines to legal information.

          Apparently, immigration courts' cases are postponed to a yet unknown date. Rafael Sanchez, who has been waiting for two years for his hearing, the day of his hearing finally arrived, but cancelled because of the shutdown, and if it continues into next week, he will have to wait again. He worries that his daughter, Karina Sanchez, wouldn't be able to go to college because of financial aid issues if he don't get his green card soon. As he said with frustration, "At what point do the politicians think about how many lives are dependent on them?"

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