Monday, October 14, 2013

Plastic to Oil

It is well known that the disposal of plastics is a reoccurring global issue, burning plastic materials generates large amounts of toxins and CO2 into the atmosphere. In 2009, Japan established a company called  Blest which created a small, safe machine that converts several types of plastics back into oil.  Using temperature controlled electric heaters to burn the plastics a released gas can be used to fuel stoves and generators, when refined it can be converted into oil, then you can further process it into gasoline, diesel and kerosene.  Blest already has farms and factories who have switched to these Plastic to Oil machines and have contributed their parts to the cleansing of the Earth and the preservation of life.

Will  Blest eventually become the new accepted way of recycling on a global scale?  Blest hopes to be able to sell these amazing machines for a a more affordable price in the future. The original article was posted in 2009, where are we today and in what dirrecton are we headed? If you would like to see a video about Blest and this revolutionary machine check out the link and video below:

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