Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Government Shutdown Affecting College Students

The government shutdown affect everyone in some way. Unfortunately, many student don't know that because politic doesn't interest them. Since the shutdown, federal funding toward graduate and doctoral research programs are being suspend and causing many student and professor to stop their research. The biggest impact since the shutdown will be students applying for grants and loans from the government. Meaning, funding to college and school will be delayed.  This event has also impact military family because money from the government has been temporarily suspended.

I believe that most of the student are able to go to college due to government funding for grants and loans. As the situation is right now, I can see that it will affect many of the seniors applying for grants and loans for college because it is being delayed due to circumstances. Only 138 employees are allowed to working during shutdown for grants and it could be difficult to get answer to questions.

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