Monday, October 14, 2013

Bosnian mass graves discovered

On a hill in Bosnia the crimes of war are finally being unearthed. Forensic teams have already found more than 150 bodies and hundreds more are expected to be found. Some citizens search for lost survivors and for the truth. Some prisoners return from near by prison camps who state thousands more were killed there. More than 300 are still missing. Many still want closure and other survivors are thankful it is not them in the ground there. Women and children are found in the remains, hopefully bringing the final chapter of this nasty war. Mostly Bosniak muslims and Croats were targeted in 1992. Many were rounded up and taken to prison camps. One prisoner in a camp became the symbol of the war. He survived but others were removed and shot. He has recovered and hopes that all remains are found to pay respects. This grave, one of the largest found in Bosnia, may contain evidence of war crimes and international war crimes investigators are present along with state prosecutors which sealed the location as a crime scene. The grave is huge evidence for ongoing trials and investigations. Witnesses state that during the summer of 1992 thousands were buried there. Thanks to a former Bosnian Serb soldier who led a prosecutor to the site, the secrets may be uncovered. Click for full article here

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  1. Hey Cody, thanks for this. How countries --and the international community--seeks justice for war crimes like this will be a major topic of second semester. What is appropriate justice? Who decides? How it is meted out are just a few of the question we will be considering.