Monday, October 21, 2013

New Sealand

Population: 27 (2002)

Area: 1.544 sq miles (4 km²)

Founded: September 2, 1967


Sealand, an old British radar platform from World War 2, is a self-declared micronation that is unfortunately not recognized by the world’s countries. This ship “was a Maunsell Sea Fort constructed by the British military in 1943, and originally given the name HM Fort Roughs. Later it would be renamed Sealand by Major Paddy Roy Bates, who would live there with his family and host a pirate radio station.”


This “country” is personally interesting, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be considered for country-ship, the argument may be that they are dependent on other nations. In Europe, I know of two cities that are recognized for being their own countries but are dependent on their neighboring countries. For example, Liechtenstein which used to be one of Germany’s conquered territories but after one of the great world wars, declared itself a country with the main aid of Switzerland, seriously, Switzerland handles their immigration, there’s not even a passport stamp for the country. Dependent on Italy, Vatican City stands by itself as a country of worship.

If you’re interested about how I knew most of this information, then I recommend Hetalia. It’s an animation that helps the viewer learn past and current country relationships. Trust me though, it’s not boring, it’s very funny. The show itself is good to watch soley for entertainment. An interesting fact: the characters are all representation of countries based on stereotypes, people all over the world watch this show, however there has only been one country who found the manga adaption of their country insulting, and so they were pulled from the show-Korea.

It’s in English and English sub



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