Thursday, February 20, 2014

Deadly drone strike in Yemen failed to comply with Obama’s rules to protect civilians

Another day, another drone strike. In an attempt to take top members of Al Qaeda out, the U.S. government instead blew up cars coming from a wedding, killing 12 and wounding 15 last December. What's worse is that there has been no evidence that even anybody involved with Al Qaeda was killed or injured. A sloppy and disgusting job and an even sloppier cover up - the U.S. stated that only militants were killed in this strike. With drone strikes becoming increasing popular by the U.S. government, they need to be careful things like this don't happen. There should be no exceptions and no room for error when innocent lives are on the line for such a disgusting practice. This strike broke the regulations set by the president, who said that there would be little to no civilian causalities with drone strikes. Now we see that isn't true, and whoever authorized and planned this drone strike messed up bad.

Since the drone strike, the U.S. military has been investigating what went wrong and what precautions were taken to prevent civilians from being harmed. So far the U.S. doesn't have any legal grounds for attacking the wedding cars. This is an incredibly costly mistake and should be embarrassing for the United States. How can they say drone strikes are helping the world when they're killing innocent people? Those who were given power over the drones should be punished. There are some mistakes that aren't forgivable, and taking another human's life shouldn't be acceptable, even if it is just a faceless distant "nobody" that they killed.

Drone strikes are disgusting. I personally don't want bombs raining over my house like it's raining cats and dogs all up in here, and I doubt anybody else does. Drone strikes are invasive, cowardly, and worst of all unpredictable. How can a machine separate Al Qaeda and a couple just trying to celebrate their wedding? 'Murica dun messed up, just better hope it's not your life next time a drone comes crashing out of the sky.

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