Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wii controllers, the new sidearm of choice for space assassins to take down police departments

Small town Georgian trailer park, there's a dude on probation.  Now that you've got the scene set in your mind, lets add in some new factors:  1. parole guy has a kid- Christopher Roupe  2. Probation check, kid answers the door.
What happens next?  Being a teenager, you would not be surprised to find out that Chris played the occasional video game and owned a gaming console, which on this very afternoon he was about to use to watch a show.  To further characterize him, The Young Stunna Chris (as I've decided to call him) was active in his school's ROTC program, and intended to enlist in the US Marines when he got out of high school and all that.  So far, so good- Semper Fi and all that jazz.  Anyway, on this afternoon when Chris had a Wii gaming controller in his hand (white, plastic, looks like a remote with a wrist strap) and went to answer the door, he got the last surprise he was ever going to get.
Reports say he heard a knock and asked who it was and after getting no reply, opened the door- an inviting sign usually.  Unfortunately, the cop who was coming by to check on Mr. Roupe's probation mistook the Wii controller for some sort of futuristic doomsday phaser of Japanese gaming or something and blasted Chris in the chest, killing him soon after.  The reporting officer quickly realized her mistake and was seen crying with her head in her hands in the front yard.
Details vary from source to source, some say that the cop was there since Mr Roupe was on probation, some never mention it.

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  1. Never have I gone so fast from laughing my ass off to feeling depressed...