Friday, February 21, 2014

So Much for Fighting Corruption

      What happens when a man tries to fight corruption in the most populous African country? He receives death threats and is fired by the President. The former Central Bank Governor of Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi, was "dismissed" from his job for revealing that billions of dollars were missing from the coffers of Nigeria's biggest oil companies. This revelation devalued the Nigerian currency by almost 4% and instead of dealing with the corruption, it was encouraged.
      A man who stands up to corruption is a brave man, but becomes a target. When the president himself is in the middle of a tainted system, it makes it nearly impossible for one man to successfully go against it successfully. I hope that the people of Nigeria start to stand up and fight back against this corruption, because someone who is threatened and thrown around for doing what is right needs to be supported Without the support of others those that are corrupt are free to do what they want without anyone standing in their way. It takes one man to ignite the idea, but it takes the rest of the people to stand up for what is right and to pursue it.

Nigeria fires official who uncovered billions in missing oil money

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