Thursday, February 20, 2014

writing about the Ukraine is pretty popular so, EU imposes sanctions after deadly Kiev clashes
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After the Ukrainian government's recent violence towards protesters in the countries capital of Kiev on Thursday, the European Union has decide to impose sanctions on Ukrainian officials. On Thursday many of the protesters were killed by snipers and in all over 75 people (including policemen) have died since Tuesday. The Ukrainian government claims that protesters have captured 67 policemen and a number of them have been released. There were shaky peace talks between the Ukrainian government and protesters before Thursday but tensions were high and a fight ensued. Before the EU tried to avoid any direct involvement but rather emphasized peace talks between the two sides. The United States has already banned 20 Ukrainian government officials' visas. The US may be following suit, in a call by Vice President Joe Biden to the Ukrainian President Yanukovych, Biden said that the US is ready to impose sanctions. Since then the Ukrainians have continued to protest the government.

Like most people I think the violence in the Ukraine by the Ukrainian government against the protesters is savage and disgusting. The unrest in the Ukraine has been going on for a long time now and the supposed "peace talks" got nowhere. I feel like there should be more done in the Ukraine to help the protesters. The protesters are obviously fighting an oppressive government and are being massacred. We should at least provide them with a little bit of military support or the UN should provide them with peacekeepers. The sanctions that all these countries are putting on the Ukraine will probably not get anywhere, especially since the "peace talks" did not. If nothing is done, the violence in the Ukraine will continue.

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