Thursday, February 20, 2014

Maduro losing ground on unrest. Leopoldo Lopez murder charges dropped.

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        Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez was charged with arson and conspiracy, having Venezuelan prosecutors drop his murder and terrorism charges. The prosecutors sentenced his reduced charges in a bus parked outside of the prison where he is being held. Although it was very unorthodox, his attorney argued that a prison was not a fit place to hold a hearing.
        Lopez turned himself in to the authorities this week during a demonstration, where violence between the anti government protesters and supporters of the government make up the unrest in Venezuela. Alejandro Camacho Beomont said, "I support the protesters. There have been more than 15 years that the majority of the Venezuelan citizens are going through tough times. There are so many problems we have to face every day, and there seems to be not a sincere attitude from the high government officials to rectify (them)." Many suggest that the Venezuelan government to listen to the protesters' needs, rather than cracking down on dissent, but Maduro, president of Venezuela, said"You think this is a novel? This is the reality that you with your hatred have created. If you don't like Venezuela, leave." Officials accuse the United States of plotting to destabilize the Venezuelan government, expelling three U.S. diplomats this week. Maduro also accused Colombian parliamentary forces and the United States of fueling the unrest. Obama responded to the accusations by telling reporters, "Venezuela, rather than trying to distract from its own failings by making up false accusations against diplomats from the United States, the government ought to focus on addressing the legitimate grievances of the Venezuelan people." 

       Although the U.S. has intervened in many international issues, this is one special case where it has been barely involved. Maduro is losing ground fast because the government is truly corrupt and the protesters need a change. The government decided to violence against the protesters to somehow slow or end the unrest evident on the streets. That decision actually worsened the situation because it showed that the government lacks control of its people and it really needs to change. Citizens of Venezuela do not have their needs met by the corrupt government, where the higher ranked classes are exploiting the lowest classes. Many of their natural rights are being violated. Newspapers, television, and radio stations are blocked and censored in the public. The impunity rate is above ninety percent, which is nuts. Because the country is so inefficient and corrupt, the unrest is due to human nature, yearning for their natural rights to be met. It's a repeat of history where developing countries take the first step in actually developing themselves. Go protesters!

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