Thursday, February 20, 2014

US Crack Down on Ivory to Protect Elephants

The United States is cracking down on the sale and purchase of ivory, in order to prevent the poaching of elephants and other African animals. The high demand for wildlife products results in wildlife trafficking and potentially animal extinction. Africa's elephant population was once in the millions, but currently dwindled to 500,000 or less. Approximately 10% of the elephant population is being slaughtered every day for their tusks, a desirable product used to make decorative items. The United States seeks to strengthen global enforcement and international cooperation to combat the problem of poaching elephants.

Under the new strategy, all exports of ivory products will be banned, with few exceptions. Sales of ivory products across the state lines will be banned except for antiques. Sales within the states will be banned unless sellers can provide the necessary documentation that they are legal. The main idea of this crack down is that the United States will act as a model that will inspire other countries to drive down global demand for wildlife products and stop wildlife traffickers.

Obviously, it's important to crack down on wildlife trafficking because it's illegal. Therefore, the ivory trade should have been addresses a long time ago. As a result of this issue not being handled, elephants and other African animals are dwindling to extinction. We are ultimately responsible for the slaughter of elephants. Fortunately, the United States realized that we should not kill elephants for our own self interest and took action to fix this problem.

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