Thursday, February 20, 2014

U.S. DRONE MAY HAVE KILLED A DOZEN CIVILIANS + 3 men tried in Nicaragua for stealing two bananas

A U.S. military drone strike in December of 2013 may have killed 12 civilians at a wedding in Yemen, injured at least 15 others including the bride. The U.S. officials claim that only members of Al-Qaida were killed but refused to make the details of the investigation public. The Human Rights Watch released a report on this issue citing interviews with eight eye witnesses and the relatives of the dead as well as the Yemeni officials. Yemeni and U.S. officials claim that the dead and wounded were members of militant groups, but when the Human Rights Watch asked them to identify which ones were civilians and which ones were members, they refused to reply. According to the Yemeni and U.S. officials, Shawqi Ali Ahmad al-Badan, is on the U.S. most wanted list and he was the one that they were targeting.
I don't know about you but anyone would be suspicious about the deaths of 12 people at a wedding of all places. The drones was a hot topic when they first decided to use them, now there are "investigations" and rumors of drones attacking and killing civilians??? They have not released any information about how they were tracking this al-Badan guy or if they were positive that he was there. They do claim, however, that he was one of the 15 people they injured, but of course, he got away.

On a totally unrelated topic.
In Nicaragua, apparently three men are getting tried for stealing two bananas. What? The bananas that were stolen is worth about 62 cents, and they are having a trial which could add up to $600. Two of the men are in a local jail while the third guy is under some kind of house arrest. Is it really necessary to put three men on trial for stealing two bananas? Ridiculousness can be found here

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