Friday, February 21, 2014

Possible Corruption in Olympic Figure Skating

Through all of the madness in Sochi, people are skeptical if the home teams are getting special privileges and special scores. Specifically, when it comes to figure skating, people are questioning if Adelina Sotnikova was given better scores than she deserved. Many think South Korean skater Yuna Kim deserved the gold, who received the silver, but was beaten out by Adelina. Many critics noticed that Adelina had a mis-step when coming down from her triple combination, which should have affected her score, but did not. Yuna is an experienced skater, known as Queen Yuna in her home country, so this is why people are concerned as well. Overall, people are mostly concerned that there is corruption within the gaming event that is supposed to bring countries together.
After reading this article, I thought it sounded a bit shady that the home country for the Olympics is winning an event that they have never won before, especially when competing against a woman who is known as the best in her sport. One thing I question is that since Yuna is from South Korea, is there bias against her because her country is not well-liked? Since critics could point out her specific flaws, it seems more believable that she did not deserve the gold, but the silver.

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