Thursday, February 20, 2014

Youth Unemployment in China

          An issue of youth unemployment has emerged in China. More and more youth are going to school and are pursuing a higher college education. However, there are not enough jobs for them. It is more of a struggle today than ever before for graduating college students in China to find high paying jobs that they desire and are qualified for. As a result, lower-skilled and uneducated youth have had an easier time than ever in obtaining jobs. Since the majority of Chinese youth are being educated, however, the lower-paid jobs, like construction, transportation, and catering, are increasing their wages because of high demand for workers and low supply.
          This makes one rethink if he or she even wants to go on and pursue a higher education. Is it worth with the high competition in obtaining a job after graduation? I would say yes. The youth unemployment rate is calculated to be eight percent, which is high for China, but the investment is worth the gain. A higher college education would still provide one with more stability and security for a higher-paying career. Most jobs that require a higher education also include important benefits, which lower-paying jobs do not offer. Going to school for an extra four to eight years will not hurt a student and may only help them in the long run.
          The only issue left to solve is how the Chinese government will expand the job market for the higher-educated youth. Possibly, the Chinese government needs to focus less on its manufacturing abilities and more on expanding professional service sectors or other spheres where college graduates' skills and abilities will be utilized.

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