Friday, February 21, 2014

UN Warns of North Korea, Modern Nazi Germany or The Hidden Gulag

Recently the UN announced results of their ongoing investigation of North Korean human rights violations. Through a set of prison camps throughout the nation the North Korean gov't has been imprisioning enemies of the state and torture all prisoners. Some torture even goes as far as rape and forced abortions, or when the baby is born they will make the mother drown it in water. The UN warns the world to not neglect these issues in NK and to take action now; also this report claims that since now it is known of the atrocities that the common excuse of not knowing how bad Nazi Germany was back in the early to mid 1900s will not be acceptable now for NK. The UN top officials wish to take action however China will veto any action in the Security Council, therefore they direct the General Assembly and pressure that body to directly take action. North Korea, now known definitely to be the worst dictatorship in the world. The Forbes article can be found here:

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