Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sparks fly over a lesbian-themed music video by an expatriate Iranian

Googoosh, whose real name is Faegheh Atashin, is a popular Iranian singer amongst all ages. She left Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, since women were banned from performing. She resumed her career away from the Iranian restrictions on females. Today, she performs in U.S, and European cities with large Iranian populations. Googoosh is now 64, and an Iranian expatriate after she lived in exile for 14 years. 

The video had the reaction desired by Googoosh, which more than anything was awareness. It spread on social media networks quickly and was met with praise and hatred. In the Islamic Republic, homosexuality is taboo, so her video has been met with heavy conservative and Iranian opposition. They have tried to ignore the video all together, and others have called Googoosh an anti-revolutionary and a prostitute. Googoosh's Iranian listeners have also commented that she is, "spoiling her career with this sort of defense for gays." On the other hand, supporters of gay and lesbian rights have praised the music video.

Googoosh's stand for lesbian rights through her song was a brave statement. With an Iranian following that does support gay rights or activism, she put her career on the line in order to show what she believes is just. Everyone deserves the same freedoms no matter if there male, female, or if they love someone of the same gender. These are issues that are not addressed in Iranian culture, and still have a long rode to justice in America as well. Although the music video has been met with opposition, Googoosh made the right decision to make a song about an issue that needs to be addressed. As the end of her song states, "Freedom to love for all."

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