Wednesday, January 22, 2014

50 Million And Counting!

The U.S. has nearly 50 million (46-47 million in 2012, to be a little more precise) poor people, including those on government aid. Without the aid, the number of poor people, which is nearly 16% of the population, would be even greater. Isn't that great news? It's a good thing that the programs our government offers actually help people and aren't just sucking up money (money that people who make MORE than enough money complain about). Social Security especially helped, without it the poverty percentage would have been 25% compared to the current 16% (6.4 million aged 65 + are in poverty, without Social Security it would be approximately 24 million. Without the refundable tax credits, there would be 25% of youth living in poverty compared to last year's 18%. The current economic conditions in the country are terrible, and no one is addressing the way they should be. Maybe the poor should just listen to the people who say "get a better job," even while forgetting that many people are working 2-3 jobs, or the ones that say "go to college," because college is so affordable when trying to pay rent and potentially raise and keep a family safe, too. What should probably happen is that instead of listening to people that aren't poor, some educated, yet poorer people, should be consulted. If the poverty problem in America could be fixed, we would most likely see an increased interest and success in academics and lose the common misconception that some races are smarter than others (I wonder where that we've all heard that one before). Maybe one day a politician that actually cares about the poor will take up the Oval Office, and hopefully when they do the United States of America won't resemble Detroit.

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