Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Egyptian Constitution of 2014

In July 2013, after the ouster of Morsi, the military announced the schedule for the development of the constitution with the vote to occur around the end of November, 2013. Two different committees were involved in amending the 2012 Constitution. The constitution replaces the Egyptian Constitution of 2012  which came into effect under former President Mohammed Morsi.

Egyptians approved a new constitution by 98%. The new constitution supports freedom of religion - at least for some minority groups, according to Egypt and Islam expert Jörn Thielmann. Religious freedom is now an absolute right and not just a guaranteed right. That is an improvement. That refers mainly to Christians and Jews. That means that members of other religious minorities have been left out. A certain dominance of Sunni Islam has also been written into the constitution . The constitution has been criticized by the Revolutionary sociologists for leaving too much power in the hands of the military. Overall, the people are happy which is the most important aspect.

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