Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Shooting...Yet Again

There was a mall shooting this past weekend in Maryland.
Surprised? I surely do hope because I hope this doesn't become a norm in our society.

Here is a link to a video on NBC's website: Maryland mall shooting witness.

Apparently a 19-year old had a legal possession of a a gun and walked into a Maryland mall. He shot down two people working at a Zumiez and injured others before turning the gun to himself.

This guy had no criminal record but the police did find a journal in a backpack near his body that might have expressed some symptoms of depression. In the bag were also a whole lot of ammunition and hand made bombs. Sure, we could have seen it in the perspective that  it could have been worse, but one of the victims was a young mother!

When are we ever going to finally deal with situations like these? There never seems to be an end.
But then again, I don't think we would want to have metal detectors at every entrance of a mall or public place.

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