Saturday, January 11, 2014

How Young is Too Young?

How young is too young? To Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP), elementary school students seem like the perfect targets for their pro-fracking tours across the state. An educational program funded by OOGEEP and sponsored by Radio Disney had parents in an outrage over what they claim to be “a hijacking of public education by hydraulic fracturing interests, in a state sitting on billions of dollars’ worth of gas-rich shale”.

Rocking in Ohio, the program’s Disney-esque name, went on a tour of elementary schools and science centers across Ohio, putting on interactive demonstrations of how oil and gas pipelines work. Environmental activists and parents alike have shown concern, creating petitions and campaigns that urged Disney to terminate its relationship with OOGEEP. 

Fracking in Ohio has already been deemed extremely controversial due to contaminated drinking water and its link to a series of earthquakes in Youngstown.

(On January 9th, Disney reportedly pulled out of the remaining destinations of the Rocking Ohio tour.)


  1. I'm I the only one who thinks this is hilarious? The fact that Disney would blatantly support something so controversial. Its almost as if they're were getting paid so much Disney didn't even care whether or not their image would be tarnished. That being said, Disney is pretty well off, so i wonder what they would have to gain by doing this and what connections they have with fracking. Arrogantly flaunting the control they have over children. Perhaps if the students had been seniors in a high school science programs this would have been okay. But at that age kids lack sufficient background to question what they're being told

    good blog, really liked it
    -Carlos Cruz

  2. I liked it too...and Carlos you raise a very good question: what connections might Disney have with fracking? Oil/gas payments to Disney perhaps? Amazing isn't it?