Thursday, January 23, 2014

Women's Rights Diminish in Afghanistan

As the Taliban regime ended in Afghanistan it slowly allowed women to rise from their once minuscule roles in society. Even though their is a law on "Elimination of Violence Against Women" enforcement is mediocre especially with the recent murder attempts of women in high authority positions. Another setback is the reduction of women representation in the Afghan parliament which went from 25% to 20% in only a short amount of time. These recent problems for women's rights has sparked a general concern in Afghanistan's next presidential election.

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  1. Its sad to hear that women in the Middle East are struggling to have their rights whereas here in the U.S women have gain their rights almost nearly 100 years ago. But what is so interesting and very well respected is that even though women don't have their rights in the Middle East they still fight for it. They keep on persevering, they have all these murder attempts or struggles but that doesn't stop them to continue the fight for their rights they keep going for their rights.